Our Assisted Living Program is a lively and entertaining therapeutic program for Seniors.  There's nothing like connecting and having fun by making music together !
Our Family Connections Program for Alzheimer's and Memory Care helps residents re-connect with their families and their care community. 

At Senior Rhythms our mission is to improve the quality of life for Long Term Care Residents, Families and Staff by training and supporting Activity Directors to facilitate our therapeutic group drumming programs.   

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Our Alzheimer's and Memory Care Program is widely recognized as a highly effective therapeutic protocol for working with residents with Alzheimer's Disease and Memory Care issues.
Our Staff Development Programs are therapeutic and fun! By reducing stress and improving morale of caregivers Seniors can experience a higher standard of care and improved quality of life.  Our programs reduce employee turnover and facilitate improved communications and team cohesiveness.
Making music together is the foundation of all our programs for Long Term Care.  We have drawn on over 20 studies from over 60 years of scientific research as the basis for our programs. 
Senior Rhythms is serious therapy wrapped up in fun !
We use World Drums drawn from music traditions around the world for our programs. 

This equipment comes in all shapes, sizes and colors with a variety of fun and interesting sounds. 

World Drums allows our facilitators to find an instrument that works well for nearly every person.  World Drums are also fun and easy to play!